The Montcalm London Marble Arch



Jan 19

The Summer Wellness Sessions

Experience sound healing at our October Wellness Session

The potential of sound to heal and restore is still largely untapped. We're set to change that with the latest in our series of Montcalm Wellness Sessions. Sound specialist Nicola, a graduate of the British Academy of Sound Healing, will use luminescent crystal bowls to generate an expansive sound that acts to heal the body's deeper tissues. You'll be surprised at the benefits, including readier relaxation, more effective meditation and enhanced sleep quality. Think of it as a concoction of sonic vitamins for a unique wellbeing boost.

Please note: if the following applies to you, please contact us before booking your place:

  • A severe or clinical mental health condition
  • Epilepsy, triggered by sound
  • Less than 12 weeks pregnant
  • Montcalm Royal London House:
    Wednesday 24 October, 6pm

    Montcalm Marble Arch:
    Thursday 25 October, 6pm

    To book your place, please email


Snapshots from the Summer Wellness Sessions

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